Our driving institute will continually to fulfilled the entire requirements from the building to the circuit and fully furnished in order to provide proper infrastructure for instructing learner drivers(students).

People Oriented

Further to the excellent customer service and expertise that we provide, it is certainly reassuring to know that your call is answered by a professional driving instructor and not simply a call centre operator who is simply interested in taking a number and passing on a message.

We value each of our student.

people oriented

Reception Hall

Our Four Front Desk Crews are more than willing to help you with all your needs and questionnaires.
Whatever you needs, IMNB is your one stop centre for driving lessons, Malaysian driving licenses and Malaysian driver Education.


For passenger vehicle practical classes, IMNB is currently using Perodua Viva Elite, which is more comfort and strength. For truck and trailer practical classes, with reliable Nissan UD heavy duty truck. For motorcycle practical classes, with reliable Nissan UD heavy duty truck. For motorcycle practical classes, IMNB provide smooth and easy handle Daiichi Sirius 110 and Daiichi Cfmoto 650NK. Our vehicles are all well-maintained so that we can provide optimal conditions for students learning.

Practice Track

IMNB has a large practice track of 6 acres in size which can comfortably accommodate 30 students at once for learning.
The practice track has been built according to JPJ’s latest standards.


At IMNB, we have 4 classrooms which we can accommodate 50 students per room. All of the classrooms are equipped with air-conditioner, projector screen, white boards, television for teaching purpose and computers.
The KPP (5 hours Law Theory Class) and L@B (6 hours Workshop) classes falls on every Sunday as they fit the convenience for all age range of students.

Professional Driving Instructor

Our instructor teams cater for young learners, mature aged adult learners, nervous learners, learners with disabilities, international students, non—residents and overseas license conversions.

Our Driving Instructors also caters students with different language background such as Malay, English and Chinese. In the future, we hope to be able cater more languages at IMNB.


IMNB has in site canteen which is a meeting point for our students and instructors.

You can have a drink and enjoy some food with your classmates here, or just have a rest.


Prayer Room

IMNB has a confortable prayer room (SURAU) for muslims to perform their prayer. All the prayers equipment are provided in each of male and female prayer room.

Waiting Area

We provide comfortable waiting area to our beloved visitors and students as a place to sit and wait while waiting for their turn during practical. The waiting area is located below a roof-rop building and fully equipped with ceiling fan.

waiting area

Public Toilets

We always maintain the cleanliness of our toilet so that everyone can use it comfortably.

Assembly Point
assembly point

In case of any emergency which triggered the fire alarm, this is the assembly point. The emergency evacuation plans also have been displayed in each of the IMNB rooms and offices including the notice board.