Gawai & Raya Promo 2017

Can’t wait to your own have driving license? Planning to visit your friends’ house on Gawai & Raya day?? Or going back to hometown to meet your families??  Feel the joy & happiness when you  “Drive-on-Your-Own” for coming Hari Gawai & Hari Raya!!

Come today and Register your driving lesson with us!! Get your license ready before Gawai & Raya celebration.

Are you now 17-19 yrs old?? Secondary school leavers?? Enjoy Special Rate for D license, only RM1299.00.

Why register with us?

-Free Lunch on KPP01 course day
-Free Accident Insurance Coverage

-Free Unlimited access to “Online Law (Theory) Test” Practice
-Friendly teachers
-Transportation service (distance-charge basis)



Promotion Gawai Raya


Promotion Gawai Raya